What is Counselling?

Counselling gives you the space to talk and to be heard. It should provide a safe and confidential environment and a relationship with your counsellor in which you feel accepted and understood. It will help you to become more aware of your thoughts, feelings and behaviours and to understand them more.

The counselling process may help you to unravel issues from your past that still impact your life today. It should improve your self awareness, help you to understand the person that you truly are and how you relate to your world and others. As for the future, counselling often provides a sense of clarity in terms of the choices available to you and the life you want to live.

Meeting a Counsellor for the first time may be a challenging experience for some. It involves talking about the issues that are troubling you, sharing your thoughts and feelings and opening-up in a way that may be completely new for you. Making the decison to see a Counsellor is a courageous one but, in doing so, it is often the first step to changing your life.

When you first meet your Counsellor, he or she will explain the therapeutic process to you. The first session is an opportunity for you to get to know your Counsellor and decide if you want to work with him or her.

Counselling can be short term, comprising just a few sessions (minimum 6) or longer term, over a number of months or years.

My theoretical approach to counselling is primarily Person Centred. With your full agreement and when appropriate, I will sometimes take a more integrative approach incorporating Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT and Third Wave CBT), Mindfulness and Jungian psychology.



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