Existential Counselling

 Existential Psychotherapy is closely related to Person Centred Therapy but is a more philosophical approach to counselling. It will help you to explore and understand the person you are, your thoughts, feelings and behaviours by looking at key existential concepts. As with Person Centred counselling the relationship you have with your counsellor is very important. He or she will accept you unconditionally for the person you are, will empathise with you and how you experience the world and will be honest and congruent throughout the process. Existential therapy involves deep reflection and may challenge your current way of living. You will be given the space and time to explore some of the fundamental, philosophical and/or spiritual questions concerning your existence, which may help you to understand the issues you are currently experiencing and how to deal with them. It can provide a new sense of awareness and may ultimately open up new ways of living your life in the future.

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